A.K. Lehmann

As a founding member of the White Rose, later known as the German Resistance, Sophie Scholl helped to write, produce and distribute

anti-Fascist leaflets in a time when such acts were punishable by death. For the first time, FReiheit! FReedom!: The Story of Sophie

Scholl and Fritz Hartnagel clarifies Scholl's imperative by uncovering her seven year relationship with German Army officer

Fritz Hartnagel. Lieutenant Hartnagel served on both the Eastern and Western fronts during World War II and witnessed

some of history's most horrific crimes against humanity. This is their story.

The pictures used here were found in Ulm, Sigmaringen, Berlin, and Munich archives, belong to the author or Creative Commons. 

The question in these anti-spiritual times is not the self-indulgent: who am I?

But the practical, pragmatic:  what can I do? -Theodor Haecker, Was ist der Mensch? 1937